Beginning in the fall semester of 2001 as the Great Books Honors Program, the Great Books Honors College at Faulkner University has continued to develop and expand. It began with about a dozen students as an initiative headed by Dr. Robert Woods (now director of the Great Books Honors College). The first classes met in Faulkner’s Greer Hall in the conference room of the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Dave Rampersad. The Fine Arts Center at Faulkner University, the home of the Great Books Honors CollegeToday, the Honors College has its own physical facilities in Faulkner’s Fine Arts Center, continuing service to Faulkner’s various academic departments, a growing distance education arm in the Christian Institute for the Study of Liberal Arts, and in conjunction with the Gus Nichols Library,¬†an excellent library of classical literature. While the College continues to grow, faculty, fellows, and students are always keen to maintain the rich sence of community we feel ought to be part of the Christian university experience.